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You may wonder why I’m So Sadistic…

Torture on the Dungeon, is not a joke…

This is the place of all men, kneeling at the feet of a Cruel Mistress.




The man was opening his eyes slowly. He was returning from a near five millennia sleep. He felt his body. It was a strong and big body, very well built with hard muscles. He had been a champion, sometime, and somewhere.
Now he was standing up, spread against a wooden cross on an eagle position. His amazing body was stark naked.
The man tried to see around. The room was a kind of ancient Japanese house, made of dark wood and white paper.
It was so unusual.
Uneasiness was becoming to rise on him.
Then he saw the woman.
She was an astonishing beautiful young girl. She was a long dark haired Asian girl with perfect and smooth milky white skin.
She smiled and then approached to him.
The girl was wearing a kind of red silk kimono, very short and sexy. It showed her splendid naked legs and bare feet.
The woman stop in front of him, she was small, but with a lovely and very voluptuous body. She put her hands on her hips and stared at the man.
He was naked and exposed in front of that exotic and cute little woman.
His great balls were hanging between his legs. All his pubic hair was gone.
Unwillingly and unconsciously, the man got an instant, hard and powerful erection.
The Asian girl stared at his eyes, twisted her mouth, and then gave him a brutal kick straight on his balls.
He shouted like a wounded animal. It was the most awful pain he have ever felt.
The girl was laughing merrily.
“Does it hurt?” asked the woman mockingly with a sweet voice.
The man open his eyes surprised. She was speaking on a foreign and rare language, but what astounded him more was the fact that he could understand thoroughly what the woman had just said.
“The pain is good for you, males,” continued speaking the girl. “It means that you´re fine, and still alive.”
She struck again with another kick that landed full on the poor man’s balls.
“I like to feel my bare feet striking against your soft orbs” she said.
She landed another kick, the man´s ball bounced up and down like a hanging sac of flesh. The pain crawled up from his genitals to his brain.
The Asian girl was laughing, her hands on her hips, and her legs wide open, ready to kick again.
“It’s so funny, you look so big and strong with your athletic and hard body, nevertheless that little balls of flesh hanging between your legs are so fragile and week.”
The girl extended her arm and grabbed the balls cupping then with one hand. She squeezed the balls hard.
The man was howling.
With her other hand she move away a strand of her long and straight black hair.
“You are my slave now,” she squeezed hard, “Do you understand it?”
She increased the pressure of her grip.
“Answer me!”
“Ah… Please…” He was using the same odd language of the girl with a great fluency. It was so weird.
“Beg me for mercy, slave!”
“Ah, Ah, please stop…”
She pressed harder, making him cry.
“You´re a bad-mannered animal, you may say: please stop, my Mistress.”
“Please, stop, my Mistress.”
She released him.
The man was breathing hard.
“Remember it, anytime you talk to any women, you must speak low and humble, with all respect, and always address to a woman giving her the title of Mistress, or Goddess, or highness. Because you’re a man; and a man is nothing but a worn at the feet of a woman.”
The girl picked up a small black manacle, like a ring made of metal, and a short katana sword, both were lying over the wooden floor next to the man.
With a hand she locked the ring around the man’s balls, while she was holding the sword on the other hand.
She smiled and laughed at the expression of terror on the man’s face.
“Oh, don´t worry, I´m not going to cut your balls off, at least not yet.”
She moved behind the prisoner.
“Actually, I’m going to free you…”
She cut the tight ropes that were around him, bounding the man strangling to the wooden cross. He felt to the floor like a stone.
He stood to his knees and tried to get up. But he couldn´t stand up, because an electric wave spread all over his body like a painful fire burning every fiber of his body.
The man felt to the floor striking his face against the wooden surface.
“Do you have realized the black metal collar around your neck?” Asked the Asian girl. “It delivers variable pain stimulation to all the nerves of your body. It is automatically activated when you do something wrong.”
“But, what did I do?”
The man cried again, more loudly than anytime on his life, he felt an intense pain, it was like the one he had felt before, but this time it was directed only to his balls. This time the ring around his balls was sending pain stimulation straight to his testicles.
“Never talk, unless you´re asked to do so!” growled the girl. “Now, ask me for being forgiven.”
“Please forgive me.”
Another shot of extreme pain was sent to him this time to his balls and to his whole body. The man wriggled all over the floor.
“Please forgive me… What?” Shouted angrily the girl.
The pain stopped.
“You must say, please forgive me, my mistress. Don’t forget that.”
The man was crying over the floor like a beaten child.
It was so weird, a small and slim girl like that could inflict so much pain and so easily over him. He was big and stronger than her, but he was absolutely surrendered at her feet.
She climbed over the naked back of the helpless man, trampling him with her bare pretty feet.
“You have been awaken into a new world, worm.”
She stomped a foot against his neck.
“A world where you are nothing but a woman’s slave.”

Welcome to the Darkest Femdom Tales

Welcome to the dark realm of Femdom